Summer Camps | Our X Factor

I'm often asked by parents what makes our camps different.  My answer is simple.  We take great pride in personalizing the experience for our campers. We are more than skills and training.  We're a place that keeps the class sizes small for more individualized attention so kids learn more, develop faster, and gain more confidence.  

What most people say after our camps is that they prefer the smaller camp sizes because their kids actually got better over the course of a week.  Having said that, we tend to draw more of the focused young athletes who are here to work hard and still have fun.  

The smaller camp sizes is only the "tip of the iceberg".  The true depth of what makes us different comes down to our coaches.  We are inspired to help young athletes learn the game of basketball in an inclusive, fun, safe, and challenging environment.  We believe anything is possible with hard work, focus, team work, and of course, a winning attitude!

For more info on our camps, check out our camps page.