12 Week Transformational Program

I'm super excited to announce a new program I am offering.  As we approach the start of school, there's no better way to transform your game then with this 12 week program.

It's designed for Grades 7-12 athletes who are serious about wanting MAJOR changes to their game, both physically and mentally.  The focus will be on shooting, jumping, strength, and confidence.

You pick 2 days/week (Mon & Thu, Tues & Fri, for Wed & Sat) for a 2-hour time slot.

The first hour focuses on jump training and strength.  Based on your FMS (functional movement screen and postural assessment), a customized program will be designed to help improve your lower body power, upper body and core strength, flexibility, and any corrective exercises addressing any potential muscle imbalances (ie. knee valgus aka knees caving in).

The second hour is a shooting workout, specifically designed to help your shooting form (if necessary), shooting accuracy, shooting range, and finishing touch around the rim off either foot, both feet, and either hand.

These private or semi-private classes will be instructed by me.

You have my personal promise that this program will change your game forever.  Results guaranteed if you are willing to work hard and attend every scheduled workout.

Register here.