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WE HELP ATHLETES BUILD SUPERIOR HABITS FOR LONG TERM DEVELOPMENT1. Learn the SPECIFIC DETAILS of how to execute the fundamental skills of basketball in the most time-efficient and effective way.

2. TRAIN and REINFORCE these skills until they become habit, in a FUN, SUPPORTIVE and CHALLENGING environment.

We use the Split Second System to build individual skills and put players into competitive game situations to test and reinforce what they have learned.

Classes are available for boys and girls in Grades 1 – 11.

While the level of coaching detail and competition change with age, the need to master the fundamentals does not.  We maintain a low coach to player ratio and breakdown to smaller groups within the class based on age and ability.


Our facility features a basketball court (78' x 40') with 3 adjustable hoops (8'-10'). We use high performance training equipment which alongside our qualified coaches to assist each athlete in reaching their full potential. 

 The facility is geared with High performance training equipment which when paired with alongside coach directio in their training to allow each athlete reach their full potential.  enhance each 

Noah Basketball System: (used by 26 of 30 NBA teams) that gives instant feedback on the arc and depth of your shot), 2 designated areas for Conditioning Circuits (speed, jumping, and strength) specifically designed for youth, the Gun800 Shooting Machine (1,800 shots in 1 hour) and a Vertimax Trainer for our advanced athletes to add intensity to their sport-specific movements.